The issue surrounding the psychological effects of the use of technology

Higher Energy Consumption Although individual devices are becoming more energy efficient, the increased overall use is causing a higher consumption of energy. Kids are no longer able to escape their tormentors once they reach the safety of their own homes. Ambro Whether we like it or not, technology has become a part of our everyday lives.

Lack of Privacy The internet has stripped the world of privacy. There is no way in hell a girl would have taken a nude photo of herself and handed it to a guy before the popularity of texting. Shortened Attention Span The use of social media has shortened our attention span from 12 minutes to 5 minutes.

Loss of Hearing and Eyesight Using headphones and ear buds can cause people to lose their hearing over time. Plants that manufacture the electronics are emitting toxic fumes into the air.

25 Negative Effects of Technology

Young children require hours per day of active rough and tumble play to achieve adequate sensory stimulation to their vestibular, proprioceptive and tactile systems. Like any useful tool, to make technology serve us well requires the exercise of good judgment.

Isolation Social isolation is characterized by a lack of contact with other people in normal daily living, such as, the workplace, with friends and in social activities.

We rely on it for quick information, social networking, job searching, school related assignments, and entertainment for when we are bored.

Warped Sense of Reality Using the internet as an escape from real life is very easy to do. Lack of Social Bonds Creating a lasting bond with other people requires face-to-face interaction. If I need to work something out with someone that feels difficult, uncomfortable, or unpleasant, I make myself communicate in person.

There is also a rise in the number of injuries incurred by people texting while walking. For those with more sinister intentions, the use of phishing, viruses and hacking helps to find any information they wish to obtain. The problem, however, comes when we find ourselves subtly substituting electronic relationships for physical ones or mistaking our electronic relationships for physical ones.

Keeping technology out of the bedroom would be a very healthy habit to acquire. Tactile stimulation received through touching, hugging and play is critical for the development of praxis, or planned movement patterns.

Is Overuse of Technology Affecting Mental Health?

If it needs saying but feels awkward, do it in person. By creating a few false profiles, people are able to pretend to be whomever they want. Lack of Sexual Boundaries Exposure to sexual content is more likely to happen at a much younger age.

And guys — girls do not want pictures of your penis. Constant news feeds, getting information in characters and videos that are 10 minutes or less has literally rewired our brains. Do you ever find yourself stressing over not getting a reply from your latest text message?

So what is the impact of technology on the developing child? Young children who are exposed to violence through TV and video games are in a high state of adrenalin and stress, as the body does not know that what they are watching is not real. Children now rely on technology for the majority of their play, grossly limiting challenges to their creativity and imaginations, as well as limiting necessary challenges to their bodies to achieve optimal sensory and motor development.

The more we isolate ourselves with technology the fewer bonds we will form. These are some of the same withdrawal symptoms you would expect from doing drugs. If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to explore Dr. Check out more great content: Developmental Issues in Children Children are using more technology now than they have ever used in the past.

Neck and Head Pain Constantly looking down at devices can cause neck pain and over time will cause the neck to lose its natural curve. Addiction People are not only dependent on technology they are also addicted to it.

However, online you are a freaking rock star! We get sucked into online activities that keep us up too late and the constant stream of information can make it difficult to turn off our brains.

It is important to recognize your reliance on technological devices to make sure that it is only leading to positive outcomes on your health.It's important to come together as parents, teachers and therapists to help society "wake up" and see the devastating effects technology is having not only on our child's physical, psychological and behavioral health, but also on their ability to learn and sustain personal and family relationships.

Talking over an issue face-to-face still remains the most efficient and successful way to resolve a problem.

Technology was created to make our lives simpler not stressful! Removing negative stress from your life is a major part of mental health.

The Impact of Technology on the Developing Child

Legal Issues in Technology. Introduction. Information technology has being an active participant of our lives for the past thirty years, and has being even more active on recent years with the increasing dependency of the Internet to operate business, for education, and individual needs.

Technology has a very much similar effect. First, when you get a phone you check it occasionally, maybe under the dinner table. Soon you start checking it more often and out in the open, sometimes not hearing what people say. Beside affecting users' mental health, use of technology can also have negative repercussions on physical health causing vision problems, hearing loss, and neck strain.

Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to help alleviate these health issues. Technology has been used in most schools for decades, but it still has some hiccups.

We weigh in on the top 5 problems with technology in education today. This may be a larger issue of technology on our memory and brain-strength, but if we are using the Internet in schools, then kids are being taught to use Google to answer all their.

The issue surrounding the psychological effects of the use of technology
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