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As he wrote about the natives, Williams also inevitably passed Roger williams essay on Roger williams essay own kind. The underlying assumption of The Key— that natives mattered — sounded an unusual note in early American history, and set a precedent for the celebration of diversity that we now take for granted.

Other works by Williams include: He even maintained a lengthy correspondence with the authorities who had banished him from Massachusetts Freedom of conscience was again proclaimed, and the colony became a safe haven for people who were persecuted for their beliefs, including Baptists, Quakers, and Jews.

From the beginning, a majority vote of the heads of households governed the new settlement, but only in civil things. In subtle ways, the Key is a feminist book. Williams formed firm friendships and developed deep trust among the Indian tribes, especially the Narragansetts.

He subsequently served in many offices in town and colonial governments. Pequot War and relations with Indians[ edit ] This section needs additional citations for verification.

The Correspondence of Roger Williams ed. When he arrived here, Rhode Island was a brand new idea, resisted by neighboring colonies and not yet approved by England.

From the Narragansetts, he also learned fishing and farming techniques and their strategies of wise land use At the time he drove it through the press, in the summer ofWilliams was in London fighting desperately for official recognition of the colony he was trying to found — a colony that was in jeopardy because of new encroachments by Massachusetts and Connecticut, each eager to claim the desirable place he had found and by so doing, suppress the freeform experiment he had launched.

On the surface, the Key was a grammar of sorts, explaining familiar phrases spoken by Narragansett Indians. Over 32 chapters and pages, Williams poured out everything he knew about the Narragansetts.

Williams was proud of his talent for languages, and he worked hard to master the Native dialects after his arrival in Plymouth. An early manuscript he wrote on Anglo-Indian relations no longer exists, but contributed to his banishment.

As he meditated on where they had come from, he lapsed into the naturalistic language that pervades his entire narrative. In numerous places, Williams expresses his admiration for the courage and physical strength of native women, who work as hard or harder than the men, and never complain under any circumstances, including childbirth.

To a striking degree, Williams also found the business-like qualities that Englishmen prided in themselves. By proclaiming that Indians were as legitimate as Europeans, Williams had ensured that Rhode Island would be as legitimate as Massachusetts — a claim that would have seemed outlandish only a year earlier.

With a pragmatic approach and a willingness to set an example, he converted his imagined ideal into a working reality He studied the land and water around Narragansett Bay and used traditional places like waterfalls and large rocks to mark off the boundaries of his settlement.

Most of his contemporaries criticized his ideas as a prescription for chaos and anarchy, and the vast majority believed that each nation must have its national church and could require that dissenters conform. Instead, Williams believed that the state must confine itself to the commandments dealing with the relations between people: No other American state owes its origin so completely to one person inventing a new community from the ground up However, the other New England colonies began to fear and mistrust the Narragansetts, and soon came to regard the Rhode Island colony as a common enemy.

This patent was a ringing victory for Williams in his fight to keep Massachusetts at bay, but it was even more.

In response, Williams traveled to England to secure a charter for the colony. His first published book A Key into the Language of America proved crucial to the success of his charter, albeit indirectly.

A Key into the Language of America was published only seven years after his ordeal of banishment, and in some ways seems to have proceeded from it. Fifty years later, his house collapsed into the cellar and the location of his grave was forgotten.

It is as much a study of culture as of language, and he interpolates his observations in between lists of vocabulary words and furtive little poems. Earlier in his life, he mastered five languages:Roger Williams Analysis Roger Williams writings in The Key into the Language of America reflected his nontraditional views of the Natives during his time.

Roger Williams was a powerful man in the New England Region of Colonial America. His beliefs and actions change the course of history, as we know it. For instance, he is the founder of Rhode Island.

In the yearRoger Williams was born in England. He had an education from Cambridge, and also 3/5(3).

Roger Williams

InRoger Williams published his first and best book, A Key into the Language of America. Unlike the long religious arguments that characterized most of his later writings, this study was written with his feet planted squarely on the earth.

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