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Innovations in IT have made it possible to develop all kinds of This again violates users privacy and raises the very ethical question of whether user activity and interaction on the web is really part of the guaranteed users privacy or its not?

Retrieval of a balance between privat autonomy and protection of a weaker party is very sensitive. Besides, even a consumer ought to be required to exhibit a reasonable and usual degree of responsibility for his or her legal juridical acts, including the conclusion of contracts and assumption of obligations.

So over and beyond your personal privacy and space being intruded, your information is used for business and commercial purposes, at the profit of the service providers and advertisers!

Take for instance, current Internet and websites that are commonly used for social and business engagements by users. The particular degree of consumers protection through limitation of contractual autonomy in B2C contracts as well as procedural autonomy regarding B2C dispute resolution mechanismsas chosen Research paper on consumer protection particular governments, has both legal and economic effects, in positive and negative sense.

This has been equated to almost playing God and supreme with users. But we cannot principally claim that the resolution of these disputes in court would be more suitable than arbitration or any other, the so-called alternative, dispute resolution method ADR. Another issue has got to do with government surveillance on users.

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Of course the proponents will argue that all this use of individual data is with a view of developing better and targeted services and solutions and totally disregard the " side effects " that will result. Facebook was on the spotlight when it was discovered that it manipulated users interaction and engagement on their social network in an experiment to test users behaviour and reaction to certain mood patterns McNeal, Adam D.

Typically, consumers have grown accustomed to the practice of exercising their right to rescind cancel the contract by the statutory deadline while, in the meantime, they actively use the goods and thereby fulfill the purpose of the purchase this specifically applies to seasonal goods.

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Innovations in IT have made it possible to develop all kinds of software and hardware products that make it much easier to communicate, share, collaborate, interact and do much more with each other in ways that could not be fathomed 20 years ago Nissenbaum, In the eyes of the tech enthusiasts, this is with a view of understanding and serving the users better with contextual and relevant content and situations.

Arbitration is not a cure-all and definitely not a method suitable for the resolution of any and all types of disputes. This also applies to consumer disputes disputes from consumer contracts.

Although it may seem a non-issue to IT and tech enthusiasts, the issue of being able to maintain and keep ones privacy is just as important, and guaranteed in most of the constitutions of countries around the world. Privacy as a Social-Ethical Issue in IT The major social and ethical issues that IT has brought to individuals and society by extension, is the almost luck of personal privacy and space in the face of technology.

This has led to tremendous advancement in society and consequently improved both social and economic well being. The particular degree of consumers protection through limitation Indeed, it is hard to claim that a particular type class of disputes is a priori fit to be resolved in arbitration, rather than litigation, or vice versa.

This is the same ethical issue that continues to draw criticism and questions around the globe. But this has come with a heavy price to bear for individuals, the cost of maintaining and keeping own privacy, private Langheinrich, n. Even more dangerous is the threat of user information being stolen and used for malicious and ill purposes by criminal hackers.

Arbitration is therefore one of possible tools for B2C dispute resolution, even if many countries and obviously the EU Commission followe rather an opposite strategy keeping down arbitrability of B2C disputes in the opposite to US trends.

This same argument raises yet again another ethical issues, since as we know, the service providers track and use his information to serve you ads. It is fairly undisputable that consumers deserve a certain degree of specific protection in cases in which they are forced to enter into a particular contract and have no other option than to accept the conditions stipulated by the other party the professional.

It has been established recently that indeed governments around the world are continually making use of user data to track and spy on their users activities.

It has its proponents as well as opponents. Despite the basically undisputed importance of and the need for special consumer protection whether provided by special laws, typically in Europe, or on the basis of general legal principles and the application of general contract law, like in the USAthe degree of such protection can be considered as somewhat controversial.

The weaker party does deserve special protection within the regime of the equal status of the contracting parties. The European Court of Human Rights adjudicated repeatedly that traditional court litigation is not capable to grant effective protection to contractual claims in many countries.Free consumer protection papers, essays, and research papers.

My Account. Your search returned over essays and a provision that nullifies unfair contract terms in consumer contracts.

This paper is a discussion about Australian Consumer Law, focusing on what it is, how it is applied, the difference from the previous law, its. Consumer Protection Name Institution Abstract There is a need to protect consumers from unscrupulous traders who tend to take advantage of their consumers espec.

Consumer Protection Paper – Super Size Me Based on our group discussion, we came into a conclusion that Consumer Protection are made to ensure fair transactions and along with that are truthful information’s in the marketplace.

This is advantageous especially consumers, so that they would not fall into the traps of businesses that will. Consumer Protection In this guide I will clarify many issues concerning consumer protection, the first issue I would like to clarify is what consumer protection is all about.

Consumer protection is about protecting ordinary people who buy goods Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. ASLI Working Paper No. Asian Law Institute 1 A STUDY ON CONSUMER PROTECTION THROUGH MAINTENANCE OF PRODUCT SAFETY & STANDARDS IN.

Consumer Protection in an Era of Globalization IMPORT SAFETY: REGULATORY GOVERNANCE IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY, Cary Coglianese, Adam Finkel & David Zaring, eds., University of Pennsylvania Press,

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