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This article will discuss evaluation more broadly—moving beyond audience response—and incorporate more recent interviews with leaders in the public art field. A Philadelphia Mural Arts Program guided tour. The intended results of various types of public art, and our capacity to measure them, are very different.

This is also a potential source for quantitative evidence of how many people notice and feel invested in murals. And what are some simple yet effective evaluation methods that most organizations can implement?

It is unclear how widely these tools have been adopted in the UK since their publication, and I did not encounter anyone in the U.

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What next for evaluation? Ixia provides the most comprehensive resources on evaluation that I have encountered, Public art thesis two main evaluation tools, the evaluation matrix and the personal project analysis. I am still not clear how to prove that any impacts on participants are a direct result of public art projects.

The evidence is mostly anecdotal. Murals become focal points and symbols of community pride and inspiring reminders of the cooperation and dedication that made their creation possible.

Public Art and the Challenge of Evaluation

It also involves defining indicators that the outcomes have been met. However, since then I have not been able to gather any further information on this study, or find any published results. To measure this impact specifically, Groundswell has made it a priority to continue to track youth participants after they graduate, turn 21, and reach other checkpoints, according to Executive Director Amy Sananman.

I sought to find out whether evaluation is considered important, how much time is devoted to it, and the details of particularly innovative efforts.

Lead artists Yana Dimitrova, Chris Soria, and Nicole Schulman worked with students to create these signs installed at locations identified as most in need of traffic signage. So what can we assess most easily, and how?

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Duvergne notes that many teachers use the public art in their teaching in some way, even if they do not know a lot about the artwork. ArtBridge hopes to implement a more formal process in which the owners of stores where its banners are installed can document changes like increased business due to public art.

However, the scarce data available on these factors, according to the authors, are difficult to connect directly to public art in a cause and effect relationship. First, there are significant conceptual problems involved in thinking through exactly how murals might have an impact on neighborhoods.

How long after a mural is painted might it take to see an effect and how long might that effect last? These are helpful as a starting point for evaluating any project or program. One seasoned public art administrator asked me: Some have tried anyway.

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Interviewing youth and community members can of course only generate observations and opinions, but Groundswell at least is also taking the step of also tracking what happens to participants after they complete a mural project. Is it realistic to expect a public art project to influence the outcomes you are measuring?Public Art: An Essential Component of Creating Communities By Jack Becker Introduction P ublic art is a multifaceted field of inquiry; it encompasses a wide variety of creative expressions in the public realm.

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From memorials and historical monuments to contemporary installations and performance events, the. Master of Planning/Master of Public Arts Studies For students admitted before Fall The Master of Planning/Master of Public Art Studies dual degree program prepares graduates for successful careers in public art administration, planning and community development.

Los Angeles and the facilities at USC provide a unique learning.

The thesis analyzes factors that hinder the communication of artists and the public and aims to conclude a way by which communication may be improved. It studies artists aiming to work in the public realm and their work. The other aspect focuses on the un.

3 SUMMARY In this thesis, I examine whether the installation of public art works within Chicago neighborhoods is correlated with certain indicators of urban.

In this thesis I am particularly concerned with artworks and artists associated with the artistic movement(s) of “new genre public art” (also called as dialogue-based public art, dialogic art, relational art, contextual art, participatory art, community- based, activist art).

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Public art thesis
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