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Passion is the cause of action. Reason is the use of thinking without the subjectivity of emotions. If I have failed PHIL examination knowing exactly that I have studied hard and the paper was easy for me will cause an action of being angry with whoever marked my paper and I might even want to see my examination script.

For example, love and hatred. The insuperable gap between emotion and reason can finally be bridged by these two movements of thought: The object of emotion is not always the same as that of reason. Having said this, Reason alone can never cause action.

It has been Passion and reason essay that these desires are the same as reason but that is quit not true. This is because if I have a belief of an effect to be caused by an action of which that effect will no longer take place because there was never a cause of that effect in the first place then belief becomes unreasonable since there was never a cause of any action that would lead to a strongly believed effect.

As Spinoza aptly remarked, all determination involves a negation. First of all, we have to understand that both emotions cannot be conceived and experienced by themselves but only in relation to each other.

If there is no false belief or incorrect reasoning about causes and effects then there is no way a passion can be unreasonable. The fact that reason makes judgements using demonstration which never influence us to act but otherwise guide our action or the causes and effects it is not subjected to cause action.

This means if the belief is false then I must stop caring about an action I desired to take. The object of an emotion is determined by the universality of the emotion.

Download Since the emergence of reason out of the obscurity of mythology with the early Greek philosophers, the struggle and antagonism between the irresistible forces of rationality logos and the atavistic forces of passion pathos have been the subject of innumerable deliberations.

There are two kinds of relations between opposing emotions. To return to our example of love. If we reason incorrectly about causes and effects then it can lead to our passion being unreasonable again.

On further analysis, however, we can see a similar antagonistic pattern in thought as well. What really causes an action is a Passion to act according to what you desire to do. So reason alone can never oppose passion or a desire or it can never prevent the choice of decision volition resulted from the will or even to question nor challenge any of my desires or passion.The author shows clearly, how reason and passion can produce conflicts with other people and also internal ones.

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Passion and Reason in Othello

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Since ancient times, philosophers have considered the dilemma of balancing reason and passion. Myths like the fall of Icarus tell of the calamities that occur when one takes precedence over the other— in this example, when passion supersedes reason.

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Passion and reason essay
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