Math lesson plan on measurement length stage 2

Discuss some careers in which being able to measure or estimate length is essential. Record the answers on the board. Model how to use these tools by lining up the end of an object with the end of the tool and identifying the nearest inch as the length, width, or height.

Have students complete the two measurement worksheets. Ant Rulers Grades Summary: Then discuss how measuring length would be different without inches. Secret Destination Have students work in groups of two or three to choose a starting place and a secret destination.

Tell students that a thermometer will be placed outside and they will take turns reading the thermometer to find out the temperature every day. Provide a shoebox for students to submit their estimates, and ask them to include their names. Whenever we came to a fold that already had a fraction written there, I asked the students to write the new fraction below the previous one.

About how many cars lined up bumper to bumper would it take to stretch for 1 mile? Explain how you can use the length of your stride to measure a distance.

Scale, such as a bathroom scale Large, alcohol-based thermometer Classroom objects to be measured and weighed pencil, box, book, desk, etc. Students produced incomplete charts with little or none of the requested information; did not demonstrate the ability to measure length, width, height, weight, and temperature, count bills and coins, and tell and display times on a clock.

They should logically come up with the answer that a coffee cup is 5 inches tall. One of the best ideas I used recently was to teach the students how to read a ruler.

2nd Grade Magic of Math Unit 6: Measurement (Length, Area, Word Problems)

If students are able they can determine the amount time that elapsed during each activity, using Chart 6 Daily Schedule Including Elapsed Time. Finally, discuss why having a range of units for measuring length, such as inches and feet, to choose from is necessary.

Students produced adequate charts, including most of the requested information; satisfactorily demonstrated the ability to measure length, width, height, weight, and temperature, count bills and coins, and tell and display times on a clock.

Measurement Lesson Plans

Weekly-sales circulars Clock Judy Clocks, if possible Charts see below Procedures Display a ruler, yardstick, tape measure, and scale. They should record their information in Chart 3 Buying Items at the Store.

You can just pick and choose the pieces that you want to incorporate into your math block!A new Stage 2 Mathematics resource, titled Mathematics Stage 2 Diagnostic Tasks, The teaching measurement resources provide practical lesson plans and ideas for the teaching of measurement in Early Stage 1 to Stage 1 and Stage 2 to Stage 3.

They address length, area, volume and capacity as well as mass. Measuring Length Measurement and Geometry: 24 Hour Time Statistics and Probability: Introduction to Probability 2 The Lesson After the lesson LESSON PLANS: AUSTRALIA Year 1: Measurement and Geometry The Lesson After the lesson.

Mathematics Stage 2 Number and Algebra Whole Numbers Fractions and Decimals Patterns and Algebra Measurement and Geometry Length Area Volume and Capacity In this folder you will find weekly lessons plans for STAGE 2. The plans have been put together by the teachers in the Glenmore Park Learning Alliance.

Home > Teachers > Free Lesson Plans > Scavenger Hunt For Lengths. Lesson Plan Library. and estimating the shortest and the longest possible lengths and using these to estimate the range of the length.

2. Have two students measure the object. What unit should they use to measure it? Subject area: Mathematics. Jul 09,  · Mathematics. Key Stage 2 Year 3. a What's the Length? Lesson Plan In this lesson, your students will measure the lengths of items and then make a line plot to show the measurement data.

2nd Grade. Math. Lesson Plan. Measure Length: Cat! Worksheet /5(13). Find this Pin and more on Math - Measurement (Length) Kindergarten Measurement Lesson Plan -- Uses a math notebook and incorporates language/literacy and picture drawing. Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Find this Pin and more on Math by Amanda Whisenhunt.

To start learning how to measure items, you can measure various.

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Math lesson plan on measurement length stage 2
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