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World War I Begins Convinced that Austria-Hungary was readying for war, the Serbian government ordered the Serbian army to mobilize, and appealed to Russia for assistance. World War I brought about massive social upheaval, as millions of women entered the workforce to support men who went to war, and to replace those who never came back.

Second Battle of the Marne With Germany able to build up its strength on the Western Front after the armistice with Russia, Allied troops struggled to hold off another German offensive until promised reinforcements from the United States were able to arrive.

Study what you are passionate about, because your interest will be reflected in your grades and your work. Without hesitation, she endorsed study in the humanities. The Allies successfully pushed back the German offensive, and launched their own counteroffensive just three days later.

World War I

It asked students to read a series of documents on a political or business problem and then write a memo about how to respond to it. History is just old-fashioned liberal arts. On August 4,German troops crossed the border into Belgium.

Visit Website The assassination of Franz Ferdinand set off a rapidly escalating chain of events: The Second Battle of the Marne turned the tide of war decisively towards the Allies, who were able to regain much of France and Belgium in the months that followed.

Both sides dug into trenches, and the Western Front was the setting for a hellish war of attrition that would last more than three years.

Joining a program just because it seems pre-professional will not help you make the most of your intellectual potential.

Despite the Turkish victory at Gallipoli, later defeats by invading forces and an Arab revolt had combined to destroy the Ottoman economy and devastate its land, and the Turks signed a treaty with the Allies in late October A major studythe Collegiate Learning Assessment, recently tested college students nationwide at the start of their freshman year and then again after two years of study to gauge how well they were learning.

The Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary then sent an ultimatum to Serbia, with such harsh terms as to make it almost impossible to accept.

Russia reached an armistice with the Central Powers in early Decemberfreeing German troops to face the remaining Allies on the Western Front. In the first battle of World War I, the Germans assaulted the heavily fortified city of Liegeusing the most powerful weapons in their arsenal—enormous siege cannons—to capture the city by August The defeat meant the end of German plans for a quick victory in France.

America Enters World War I At the outbreak of fighting inthe United States remained on the sidelines of World War I, adopting the policy of neutrality favored by President Woodrow Wilson while continuing to engage in commerce and shipping with European countries on both sides of the conflict.

It teaches you to research, evaluate evidence, communicate, and problem solve.

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Widespread protest over the sinking by U-boat of the British ocean liner Lusitania —traveling from New York to Liverpool, England with hundreds of American passengers onboard—in May helped turn the tide of American public opinion against Germany.

At a recent Stanford University eventstudents asked the popular television host and bestselling author Rachel Maddow to name the kind of major she looks for in a successful job candidate.The latest Tweets from I love world (@Iloveworld1e).

The most famous quotes and sayings about life, love, friendship, philosophy and more don't own any content we post. turn on notification. So, You Think You Want to Study History?

But you’re worried it might not be the right choice. Here are some facts to dispel the myths that make some nervous about majoring or minoring in history.

The only thing new in the world is the history you don’t know. —Harry S Truman.

So, You Think You Want to Study History?

Myth #2. I love world history because I get to learn how societies functioned, how people interacted with each other, how governments were run, and about the cultures of countries I. The latest Tweets from Beverley (@I_Love_History).

Masters student in Death, Religion & Culture. Egyptology Graduate. Loves gothic, folklore & all things history. Oct 16,  · Lyric Video for “What A Wonderful World” performed by Sam Cooke.

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I love world history
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