How do you write a good press release

Include the name of the event and either the location or theme of the event.

How to write an effective press release

Follow these eight tips to write a great press release that will make your company look professional, accessible and attractive to writers looking for stories. The subsequent paragraphs should be for supporting information. But, with so many people on information overload via social media, texts, and emails, how do you generate excitement?

More than likely, someone has already composed a press release on the same topic that you can use for inspiration. But, first things first. A boilerplate is typically 3 or 4 sentences long and acts as a mini-biography.

8 Tips for Writing a Great Press Release

That can be something saying how your new product is going to make life easier, or how it relates to a news event. Many releases also take up a journalistic style, beginning with a dateline, or the city and state the news is coming from.

View more press release writing tips and examples in another of our blogs. They are meant to pique the interest of journalists, who may seek to cover the topic further.

The "news" in your news release has to be obvious, or else your notice will be on a fast route to the recycle bin. Download a book press release template You can download my preferred book press release template here: One page is best -- and two is the maximum.

It may be a good idea to write this section last, after you have written the rest of the press release. A presenter generally has around seconds to introduce each item eg "And coming up next Department of Agriculture and DuPont. Remember, your quote is the only part of your release that the journalist cannot change or edit, so use it wisely.

The boilerplate is a chunk of text that can be used repeatedly, just as an "About" page is used on a website. Your headline should be as engaging as it is accurate. In addition to sending a press release, personally contact the reporters that you really want to cover the story.

You need to make it easy for journalists to publish your press release so give them everything they need right from the start.

How To Write a Press Release, with Examples

The first paragraph The first paragraph should sum up your story in about words. The body of the press release is where you really get to tell the story of the event. But how long should a press release be?

Mind the Message One thing comes to the mind of any good journalist when they receive a press release: Use quotes to provide insight, not information Including quotes from people in your company can be helpful for journalists and on regional or trade publications are often used, word for word.

While blogs and very small publications will often use information directly from a release, and re-use quotes you include in the release in their story, major publications most often will not. And what kind of information should you include?

A great headline promises the reader that it is worth their time to keep reading. Share via Email How would a TV presenter introduce your story?

How to Write a Press Release for an Event

A common oversight that can render a press release ineffectual is a lack of contact information for reporters to follow up with. Contact information can either be at the top or bottom of the page and should include the name, e-mail, and title of whomever the media contact for the story is.

Quotes add value Including a quote in your press release adds value and an extra dimension. Make sure that you have a clear head and shoulders shot of yourself as well as a clear image file of your book cover available. Include links to images I cannot stress this point enough. Below this is where you should provide contact details such as your name, address, email, phone number and any other relevant information.

PR professionals recommend checking out press release distribution services such as PRWeb and PR Newswire to find a model on which to base your release.

So if your story is about the the launch of the first financial planning consultancy for women, say exactly that. This is the public persona you wish to project for your company. The first step is figuring out exactly what message you are trying to get across, and how it qualifies as news.

The boilerplate statement follows the body. Mastering the Structure Experts say press releases should be no longer than one page. This part of the press release can be a bit more descriptive than previous sections.Follow these eight tips to write a great press release that will make your company look professional, accessible and attractive to writers looking for stories.

1. Grab attention with a good. For example, if you were writing a press release from Tesco apologising to residents for the upheaval caused by the building of a new store, you wouldn’t write “Residents are up in arms over Tesco building works” – that’s what the paper might print.

Including the following elements should give you a good outline of how to write a press release for an event, while generating a buzz that will tell your reader that yours is not an event to be missed! View more press release writing. First, be sure you have a good reason for sending a press release.

A grand opening, a new product, a record-setting sales year, a new location or a special event are all good. Nov 10,  · If all that sounds too difficult, you may want to spend the extra money to get a reporter to write the press release.

Any good reporter will make the release look like a story, which means it's. Jun 13,  · To summarize, here’s what everyone needs to know about writing a press release: Write a short, catchy headline. Get to the .

How do you write a good press release
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