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If a student fails the comprehensive examination, the only option available to that student is re-examination. By voicing the needs of our graduate community, we hope to create a thriving environment where you can receive the resources you need to unlock your full potential.

The place of administration of the comprehensive examination will be announced. The student is placed on financial aid probation for one semester and is allowed to maintain their aid eligibility. However, no more than 3 courses 9 credits beyond those required for the degree can be used to raise the G.

The following procedures apply to the comprehensive examination: For registration purposes, the Graduate School will complete a Permission to Enroll form to accompany the signed cover sheet. The director of financial aid will review the appeal and notify the student in writing within 10 working days whether the appeal has been accepted or denied.

Appeals Process Appeals of financial aid suspension must be made in writing to the director of financial Hood college thesis by the date specified in the Financial Aid Suspension notification letter.

She was recently an invited speaker at the annual Society of Toxicology Meeting to present on flow cytometry in a regulatory setting. No financial aid will be disbursed during subsequent semesters for students on suspension. Ultimately, they all want to see you succeed in your program.

Comprehensive examinations are administered four times each year; two days in April and two days in November. For additional admission information, see Graduate Admission. The final decision of acceptance or denial resides with the Director of Graduate Admissions.

The procedure for a well-structured independent study should be followed for the 3-credit field work or research project.

Biomedical Science, M.S.

Students who have questions about requirements or procedures should consult their adviser or the Graduate School. Comprehensive examination questions are written by the instructor of each course. Graduate students are encouraged to take advantage of these extracurricular activities.

Degree Requirements Faculty advisers, the program director, the dean of the Graduate School and the staff are available to assist students. In perceived cases of extreme academic dishonesty, an instructor or program director may request a review by the Graduate Council.

While many or most of the examination questions may deal with specific subject content, some may require the student to draw together several concepts in order to demonstrate an understanding of interrelated ideas. Application Requirements Applicants will be accepted into the program based on selection criteria that include undergraduate coursework, grade point average, area of research interest and experience.

Extracurricular Activities In addition to the academic facilities, graduate students also have access during their enrollment to the dining hall, Whitaker Campus Center and recreation facilities that include the Huntsinger Aquatic Center Outdoor Pool, a weight room, an aerobics room, a dance studio, a gymnasium and tennis courts.

Occasionally, questions are drawn from several departments and appropriate department chairs are expected to assist the advisers in obtaining questions. The field work or research project is a culminating activity and therefore should follow all necessary work to assure adequate content and methodology.

Graduate Courses

A comprehensive examination or thesis option is not available to students who do not satisfactorily complete a field work or research project.

Career Center Graduate students are welcomed and encouraged to utilize the wide range of free services and resources available in the Catherine Filene Shouse Career Center. All papers must be completed by 4 p. Personal computers are not permitted. Grading of the Examination and Reporting the Results.

She is a study director and toxicologist focusing on in vitro and in chemico skin allergy and ocular irritation assessments.Graduate Courses About Graduate Course Offerings.

Course Offerings. Each course indicates when the course is offered. Courses indicated as first semester are offered in the fall semester and those indicated as second semester are offered in the spring.

Graduate Studies

Courses numbered in this way designate graduate courses. About the College Through an integration of the liberal arts and the professions, Hood College provides an education that empowers students to use their hearts, minds and hands to meet personal, professional and global challenges and to lead purposeful lives of responsibility, leadership, service and civic engagement.

Policies and procedures for graduate studies at Hood College are intended to safeguard the integrity of the degree granted, to facilitate the student’s progress toward the degree and to prevent delays and misunderstandings.

A thesis is a 6-credit course. Hood College maintains its responsibility to this tradition, and to the society in which the artist will practice, by making sure that the thesis project aspires to the highest standards and rigor within the chosen medium.

The program in biomedical science is administered within the Department of Biology by the director of the Biomedical Science Program, assisted by an Advisory Council and Administrative Committee for Biomedical Science.

under the direction of a thesis adviser and a reading committee (6 credits). Hood College provides an education. Thesis (BMS ) Formatting Guidelines for Hood College BMS Students* Organization of the Thesis Document ** The first page of your document is .

Hood college thesis
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