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On Thursday, the Office of Career Services provided an overview of the judicial clerkship application process to a packed Langdell South. Accordingly, it may be a good idea to write a cover letter specifically for your writing sample outlining the background of the piece and assuring the judge that you cleared its content with your law firm and that it is entirely your own work i.

Your writing sample is a chance to demonstrate that you can present a document in a well-organized, visually appealing fashion. Between now and August, when you will need to submit your applications packets to OCS, you can improve your chances by developing recommendations, researching your chosen judges thoroughly, diversifying across courts and geographic areas appropriately, and tailoring your cover letters.

The work also differs: Conversely, specialty courts are extremely focused, providing clerks with the opportunity to gain specific experience in a particular legal discipline, such as bankruptcy, tax, international trade, and corporate law.

Are you interested, but afraid the application process is onerous? In addition to the obvious choices of federal circuit and district courts, Solberg highlighted state supreme courts and specialty courts as possibly easier-to-obtain alternatives.

You should plan on soliciting at least three recommendations, with at least two of them being from law school faculty members.

JD Students

As every law student knows, to clerk for a Justice of the Supreme Court, you need to clerk somewhere else for a year. With these grades, it is more important to diversify by geographic area and types of courts. Besides developing recommendations, it also is helpful to talk with any friends and acquaintances that may have inside information about the judges on your list.

The content of your six to twenty page writing sample is secondary: In terms of writing sample, Solberg advised that for most judges, it will hurt rather than help you. Solberg noted that while the importance of grades is over-estimated by students, the importance of recommendations is under-estimated by students.

A typical application consists of a cover letter, your resume, your law school grade sheet, your undergraduate grade sheet, a writing sample, and two to four letters of recommendation.

As Solberg explained, federal circuit courts may make more sense for people interested in pursuing academia or appellate litigation, while federal district courts are best for certain career paths, such as law firm litigation, U.

Or perhaps more realistically, the key is to choose judges based on your recommenders. Unless that somewhere else is a prestigious federal circuit court with a prestigious judge, there is no point in even thinking about the Supreme Court.

Any information they may provide could prove useful in customizing cover letters. In the end, it is your recommendations that will help your application be noticed.Start by self-assessing to learn more about who you are, and use this to find areas of the law (or law-related fields) that appeal to you.

Learn more about various career paths, including practice areas, international practice or business careers. Resumes Harvard Mba Resume Book Pdf Ocs Guide Template Download Wo. Harvardume Computer Science Cover Letter Template For Princeton Di.

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Resumes Wonderful Harvard Law Cover Letter On Sample Resume Unique. Harvard Resume Law School Book Template Download Style Mba Pdf Hbs. The Office of Career Services (OCS) is a team of advisors and recruitment professionals who work with current students, alumni, and employers with a f.

A typical application consists of a cover letter, your resume, your law school grade sheet, your undergraduate grade sheet, a writing sample, and two to four letters of recommendation.

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That’s right, your undergraduate grade sheet. Harvard Law School Office of Career Services OCS - Harvard Law School.

Office of Career Services (OCS) Office of Career Services (OCS) List in order of selectivity within individual schools.

Office of Career Services

Office of Career Services Harvard University. Faculty of Arts & Sciences Cambridge, MA Phone: () mi-centre.com RESUMES AND COVER LETTERS. A resume is a concise, informative summary RESUMES AND COVER LETTERS HARVARD UNIVERSITY.

Harvard law ocs cover letter
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