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It was thought that the state, instead of being a police state should be an agency for promoting the welfare of people as a whose and for their mental, physical and moral development.

This move is intended to reduce inequality and enhance the general standard of living among them. The general masses of people suffered seriously on account of increasing poverty, inequality, economic uncertainty, unemployment etc. They realised at this stage that the Laissez Faire principles in relations to state functions would not be effective any longer.

In comparison, the interventionist role of welfare programs is traditionally more limited in the USA, and, after significant rollbacks during the s, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, but also in most post-communist countries of Eastern Europe.

The concept of the welfare state is comparatively of recent origin. The unemployed receive unemployment from the state. The welfare state places equal emphasis on individual and society. While creating or expanding industries labour welfare service to those citizen who are engaged in these industries.

It came into prominence mainly after the Second World War. These police functions cannot serve the purposes of modern industrial society.

Since capitalism institutionally relies on the free competition of autonomous agents in markets to achieve economic efficiency, the unfettered operation of competitive forces is unlikely to result in an egalitarian distribution of economic well-being in society given an unequal distribution of wealth and resources, economies of scale in production, significant transaction costs and imperfect information regarding prices and preferences among economic agents.

There is widespread consensus about the fact that welfare state institutions generate a considerable amount of economic redistribution vertically from the wealthy to the poorhorizontally between different groups in society, e.

Their interpretations are stated below. The state achieves its primary objective and welfare of people, by adopting economic planning and other measures intended to provide the maximum happiness to the largest number of people. Functions of welfare state A welfare state in addition to the general functions of state discussed else where, performs the following functions.

But to declare India a welfare state in the true sense of- the term full concentration on developing great need for efforts to improve cottage and small industries, the system of educations particularly in the rural areas. During this century, consequently their condition was deplorable, the immense suffering experienced by people in general brought about a very great change in the idea of state functions.

Definitions of welfare state There are differences of opinion on the concept of a welfare state among writers who have interpreted it differently. On the other hand, unless properly designed, the availability of benefits as well as the progressive income taxes required to fund welfare state programs could create economic disincentives that reduce economic activity, undermine economic growth and hence question the long-term viability of the welfare state.

Besides, important equity effects also result from the redistribution of educational opportunity through public education, stipends and public job training programs. The wave of pride stemming from welfare activity is sweeping over the welfare states. The object of social insurance is to provide economic security to the citizens, social insurance eliminates risk arising from accidents, unemployment, poverty in old age etc.

Finally, the public provision or subsidization of education, health care and social services has created demand for these services, thus providing employment opportunities for women and integrating traditionally female occupations into the formal labor market.

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. In contrast, Catholic social policy and predominantly conservative governments have created Continental European welfare states that are typically more bent towards regulation, prefer social insurance to universal transfer systems and are weaker on public service provision than their Scandinavian counterparts.

The main reason for the rise of the welfare state was to recover from the devastation caused by the Second World War. Another important responsibilities, of the welfare state to create conditions congenial for an increase, in production and equitable distribution of wealth among people.

Essay on Welfare State

Furthermore the state should establish and maintain a large number of institutions for general and technical education. But these nations have surpassed the welfare states like India and England in so far as welfare activity is concerned.

Henceforth, the state could not act as a police force maintaining law and order only.The essay will look at the aims of the welfare state from conception and how it has changed to present times.

The welfare state being analysed is the welfare state in the United Kingdom. It will discuss the nature of the social democratic welfare state and liberal criticisms of. Welfare state is a response to social problems whereby government undertakes the responsible to safeguard the health and well-being of its people, particularly those in financial or social need, by means of grants, pensions, and other benefits(Lutz Leistering and Robert Walker ).

Six of these ten lectures have already been printed, the first inthe last in At intervals during these years I was reminded by some of my friends responsible for the teaching of social administration that students of the subject had difficulty in obtaining the relevant journals and.

The essay will look at the aims of the welfare state from conception and how it has changed to present times. The welfare state being analysed is the welfare state in the United Kingdom.

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It will discuss the. A welfare state in addition to the general functions of state discussed else where, performs the following functions.” The welfare state stands for the welfare of its citizens with welfare as its primary objective, the welfare state makes provisions for free medical service, public health and hygiene and preventive measures against epidemics.

Essay on Welfare State The essence of the modern welfare state lies in the institutional commitment to reconcile equity issues with the efficient operation of markets in .

Essays on welfare state
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