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Date Night Guide To Lincoln Square

Today the show raises money for CHIa nonprofit tutoring and writing center. So come with a full battery charge. They did a great job making sure the audience was going to be receptive to their Message.

Essay Fiesta was born from comedy.

Two Parts- A Review of Essay Fiesta

Giuseppe Hernandez November 8, Great book selection and friendly staff. It helps the audience connect with the same feelings or learn new ones. Not much power though. Mike Beyer December 13, Very pretentious bookstore with rude and pretentious owners, but serving wine cures all ills. Isaac Schoepp December 29, Iced mocha is weak.

Lyon and Ecker were also adamant about the show having a philanthropic element, and Lincoln Square businesses early on were dedicated to donating raffle prizes to Essay Fiesta. Go to a reading. Popular Chicagoist February 8, What makes Book Cellar stand out is its role in the local lit community.

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She has been known to over-share on her blog, and she is okay with that. I loved his personal writing and thought it was hilarious.

Five seemed like a big deal so we wanted to do something celebratory. And Book Cellar is well worth supporting. So here is that: The Information—location, time, who this past version of the story teller was, and the conflict of the story—sets the audience up for the second part of the story, the Message.

They were performed with a level of expertise that comes with being more established tellers, sure, but it was the stories themselves that followed a fairly specific formula for a good live lit story. And last, Karen Shimmin talked about babysitting and breaking up and crashing a car.

We were really anxious about it. It was a good inaugural show. So put a beret on your toupee and eat a parfait at the gourmet buffet.

It was so uncharted at the time, so we went to where that audience already was: The best live lit stories offer a single story, a story of one specific moment, in two halves.Discover a unique 2-in-1 bookstore and cozy café serving coffee and wine in the heart of Lincoln Square, hosting events such as Essay Fiesta and Local Author Night/10().

Why should you go to Lincoln Square for a date night: 1. It’s right off the Brown Line at the Western stop. Essay Fiesta picks a handful of. Essay Fiesta partied way too hard at Lollapalooza (Willy and Karen were not allowed in because they are olds) and has decided to take a little breather for the month of August.

There will be NO SHOW on Monday, August 20th. Mon 6/ Celebrate 39 years of Garfield during Essay Fiesta at the Book Cellar ( N. Lincoln) with readings honoring the lasagna-loving, Monday-hating, original grumpy cat himself.

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Performers includes author David Stuart MacLean, comedian Sameena Mustafa, and speechwriter William Horstman. Karen Shimmin is the co-producer of Essay Fiesta, in addition to being a monthly featured reader. A graduate of Northwestern University’s creative writing and theatre programs, Karen has performed at theaters and storytelling shows around Chicago.

Eckhartz Press author Randy Richardson (“Lost in the Ivy”) will be appearing at Essay Fiesta at the Book Cellar in Lincoln Square ( N Lincoln Ave). He will be one of the authors reading first person, non-fiction pieces under 10 minutes long.

Essay fiesta lincoln square
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