Disadvantages motivational theory

However, the methodological bias that exists makes the theory questionable to some extent. A young employee, Disadvantages motivational theory example, sees job security as a hygiene factor, whereas an older employee who relies more on his job, sees it as a motivator.

What Are Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?

Managers may dislike participation as it may hurt their ego and freedom. Instead of being motivated and having a sense of achievement, these employees would only be overwhelmed by the work content. The urgency of these needs varies. Employees may be reluctant to participate due to fear of criticism and lack of motivation.

The Disadvantages of Achievement Motivation

Conversely, it fails to explain why some individuals prefer to ignore lesser needs in search of higher ones, such as when individuals choose to forgo paying bills in order to take a vacation. Utilizing the same, research focused on the inter-relations between the hygiene factors and the motivators.

The validity of the deductions drawn by Herzberg is also questionable.

Pros and Cons of the Motivational Theories

These five needs are as follows. According of Ouchi, trust, integrity and openness are essential ingredients of an effective organisation. By identifying the hygiene factors, managers can fulfil the basic needs of employees and remove any element of dissatisfaction.

Hence as far labor is concerned his or her need will always be limited to lower level of need pyramid that is food, shelter and clothing but as far as a billionaire businessman is concerned his or her top priority will be top level of pyramid and that is self-esteem or sense of achieving all things and he or she will never think about food, shelter, clothing as these needs have been fulfilled long back.

Creating an environment which meets these needs will result in self-actualized team members who operate at their full potential for the business. To eliminate potential job dissatisfaction, it is at all times a very important to correct poor job content through; Fixing poor and uncooperative company rules and policies.

Therefore, the theory may not be applicable in different cultures. The "S" factor, the motivator, refers to the product features. Implications of Two-Factor Theory The Two-Factor theory suggests that the managers should focus on ensuring the acceptability of the hygiene factors to avoid employee dissatisfaction.

Making sure that wages are competitive. Maslow was a famous American psychologist who determined that some human needs take precedence over others. Future of theory The theory lacks in the understanding of the inter-relations between some of the motivators.

Subtlety requires sensitivity towards others and yields higher productivity. While the advantages its a good foundation for elementary level, the graphophonemic can be master in this level.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product life cycle theory?

These needs, when fulfilled, would give employees satisfaction. The most common mistake committed by leaders is to attend to the hygiene factor while expecting employee motivation!

A critical assessment of Herzberg’s theory of motivation

Furthermore, the managers must make certain that the work is motivating and rewarding so that the employees are motivated to work and perform firmer and better. This means basic needs do not give motivation but merely create a conducive work environment.

William Ouchi’s Theory Z of Motivation: Features and Limitations

It is always the most powerful unsatisfied need that motivates an individual. Employees may be granted lifetime employment which leads to loyalty towards the enterprise. On the other hand, the Herzberg Theory can also be a disadvantage to managers where employees with low motivation needs are concerned.On the other hand, the Herzberg Theory can also be a disadvantage to managers where employees with low motivation needs are concerned.

There are those who do not conform to the conventional. Maslow theory of motivation as the name suggest is a theory of motivation according to which the majority of people will have set pattern of needs which can be segregated into five parts and the individual will first fulfil the basic or bottom of pyramid needs which is physiological needs like food, shelter clothing, after.

One widely criticized disadvantage of the needs theory, however, is that in creating his hierarchy, Maslow studied only a narrow segment of the human population. The terms in the hierarchy, such as "self-esteem" and "security," have wildly different definitions in cultures around the globe.

A challenge with achievement motivation is that different workers are motivated toward different types of success. Some workers feel more gratification from individual pursuits and accomplishments, while others may have more inclination toward work group or.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of maslow theory of needs? Abraham Maslow is well renowned for proposing the Hierarchy of Needs Theory in This theory is a classical depiction of human motivation.

Sets a Course. The goal-setting theory is based on the notion that a goal establishes a purpose or path for a person or group.

This purpose drives direction, motivation and intensity of effort to achieve it.

Disadvantages motivational theory
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