Cliques in school essay

Virtually everyone will belong to a group eventually, she says. Nobody is totally alone. This, as many students should know, helps getting though high school much easier.

Then there are the wannabes, those who hang out around the popular clique, seeking even temporary membership. The students in this group are made out to be the most popular kids in school and many others become envious of them.

The intrests of the students that make up this group include sports, dating, and their apperence. Another High School clique are the nerds, who are the most participative in class or gets the highest grades in any subject.

More essays like this: Many clique clashes may even result in everyday violence and prejudice. No matter how integrated one may think their school is, it is more than likely that upon closer observation the discrimination between groups will become quite clear.

The reality of social cliques in high schools was a frequent topic of discussion. What this produces are manipulative children willing to morph into whatever shape is needed at that particular time.

High School Cliques Essay

The individual is lost before it even has time to develop and blossom. For example, being in a clique can lead students to make stupid mistakes and decions. They would congregate in the canteen and converse about math or politics or any other academic topic.

The status of the rest of the group fluctuates. This group is most of the time known as the least popular in the school. Along with the disadvanges comes many more advantages of being involved in a clique.

Therefore they get picked on more than any of the other cliques, mainly by the jocks. The students who dress in dark colors and are very intriverted are refered to as the emo group or misfits.

The Columbine shootings were at the beginning of this new issue. The second group, the athletes, can overlap with this first group, because basketball and football players can be highly popular in High School. Another clique formed by highschool students are the nerds or the geeks.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. An excerpt from an article in a magazine states a specific case that is undoubtedly common among high schoolers: And finally, there is a small group of true outsiders, isolated kids who eat alone in the lunchroom and risk the lowest self-esteem.

Dyed black hair, tight t-shirts and skinny jeans are only some ways this group would express themselves. Being involoved in a clique allows students to learn to be more comfortable around others. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Closed and exclusive, these groups are the cool kids whose leader can cast other members out.

The dynamics between cliques are often very raw, particularly for the groups at the extremes of the social spectrum: Students who are involved in a clique have a greater chance of not getting picked on throughout high school.

Sociology: Social Cliques in High School Essay Sample

People involved in cliques are more likely to get pregnant or do drugs while in high school. There are many disadvantages of being involved in a clique throughout high school.

Many students interviewed by Matt Tabor, a collaborator for www. It is obvious that there are both positive and negative outcomes of social cliques, including extreme depression a healthy feeling of acceptance at the opposite swing of the pendulum.

They are stereotyped as being shy and wearing big glasses, and are very grade conscious and studious.Free Essay: High School Cliques High school cliques are typical during teenage years, giving members a feeling of acceptance and belonging.

But I believe. Essay on School Cliques - School Cliques The sounds of laughter and excitement ring throughout the playground on a bright, sunny, typical day for elementary school students-classes, recess, and hurt feelings from the “popular” girls in the class, because they called another fellow student’s clothes ugly.

Previous school years, survey through interview shows that the school has no canteen. What they did was a classroom canteen wherein teachers allow outside vendors to sell foods, snacks in each classroom during break time.

There are many different reasons that cliques in high school are formed.

Cliques in High School Essay

The fear of surviving alone in high school is a main concen for many students that find it hard to make friends, this is one example of why cliques are formed. These cliques are the driving force behind social patterns in the high school setting; the clique you're in determines whom you associate with, what activities you're involved in, and whether or not your high school experience is a happy one.

- High School Cliques High school cliques are typical during teenage years, giving members a feeling of acceptance and belonging. But I believe that cliques conversely damage a teen’s self esteem.

Essay of Definition-Social Pressures of School - “Essay of Definition”-Social Pressures of School Parents never really give their teens.

Cliques in school essay
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