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Of the Englishmen known to be at the battle, the number of dead implies that the death rate was about 50 per cent of those engaged, although this may be too high.

The Carmen states that Duke William killed Harold, but this is unlikely, as such a feat would have been recorded elsewhere. The second major assault also met fierce resistance and ended with severe losses to the Norman troops.

This tactic was executed perfectly and the shield wall began to falter. Even the Norman cavalry had to fight uphill! William quickly saw an opportunity and sent his cavalry to encircle the marauding Anglo-Saxons and trapped them between the Norman lines and the cavalry.

The winds changed at just the right time when Harold was fighting Harald in the north allowing for William to arrive at an unguarded shore; this gave him time to rest and prepare.

Wace relates that Harold ordered his men to stay in their formations but no other account gives this detail. I think that he won because of his planning and leadership but many other people think that he won because of his luck and a big, strong army.

The bulk of his forces were militia who needed to harvest their crops, so on 8 September Harold dismissed the militia and the fleet.

Their armour consisted of a conical helmet, a mail hauberkand a shield, which might be either kite-shaped or round. It is now believed that Harold chose to remain static as he was receiving small numbers of reinforcements during the battle.

This may mean that the two brothers led the pursuit. William won the Battle of Hastings in In conclusion, I can see that a combination of factors helped William win the Battle of Hastings. This battle started at around 9 am and it was fought until dusk. William told his army to pretend to run away thinking that the Saxons would follow, the Saxons fell for the trick and chased them down the hill, more Normans came down and surrounded the Saxons and slaughtered them.

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Although scholars thought for a long time that remains would not be recoverable, due to the acidic soil, recent finds have changed this view. He ruthlessly put down the various risings, culminating in the Harrying of the North in late and early that devastated parts of northern England.

Shortly after the death of Edward, Harold was declared the King and crowned but he faced invasions from William, the King of Norwegian Herald Hardrada and his brother Tostig. He employed a two-pronged attack that would win him the day.

According to 12th-century sources, William made a vow to found the abbey, and the high altar of the church was placed at the site where Harold had died. The spot where Harold was killed? If the Normans could send their cavalry against the shield wall and then draw the English into more pursuits, breaks in the English line might form.

Both the infantry and cavalry usually fought with a straight sword, long and double-edged. Approximately Anglo-Saxons saw that they were winning and ran down the hill to chase the fleeing Flemish.

Headgear was usually a conical metal helmet with a band of metal extending down to protect the nose.

The Tactics Used in the Battle of Hastings 1066

This breakout from the wall left it severely weakened and encouraged William to mount another assault. Of the named Normans who fought at Hastings, one in seven is stated to have died, but these were all noblemen, and it is probable that the death rate among the common soldiers was higher.

In my opinion the main reason to why william won was pinned on luck, Harold eagarly expecting this to happen and he and his army waited on the beach strong and prepared for the norman invaison. Within 40 years, the battle was described by the Anglo-Norman chronicler Orderic Vitalis as "Senlac", [n] a Norman-French adaptation of the Old English word "Sandlacu", which means "sandy water".

Although William did receive a certain amount of good fortune during the battle, it could be argued that he employed the more creative tactics. England was one of the welthiest and most powerfull countrys in the world and all 3 of these men were prepared to do whatever it took to gain the crown.

The English army does not appear to have had a significant number of archers.Essay battle of hastings recruiting - October 14th of the year two armies faced each other near the town of Hastings. 10, Norman troops under the command of William of Normandy faced 8, Anglo-Saxon soldiers led by Harold the current king of England.

The Battle of Hastings The Battle of Hastings took place in the year of AD after a dispute over the progression to the English throne. The Battle of Hastings was so significant because it was the battle that changed history.

Battle of Hastings. Battle of Hastings took place on 14 th October It was a battle between the English Army led by Anglo-Saxon King Harold II and the Norman-French Army led by Duke William II of the Normandy.

Jul 11,  · Really good for the history essay I'm writing on why William won The Battle of Hastings! Very detailed but not too much writing or mi-centre.coms: Site of the Battle of Hastings in East Sussex The Battle of Hastings [a] was fought on 14 October between the Norman-French army of William, the Duke of Normandy, and an English army under the Anglo-Saxon King Harold Godwinson, beginning the Norman conquest of England.

The Battle of Hastings. In October 14th the battle of hastings was fought between an English army under the leadership of Anglo Saxon king Harold and the Norman French army of the duke of Normandy,mi-centre.comng the Norman conquest of England, it took about eleven kilometer northwest of hasting, close to the present day .

Battle of hastings essay plan
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