Baton rouge green works to improve the community by creating urban forests

These include generous property tax exemptions lasting up to ten years. Natural gas, which has been super-cooled into a liquid state for transportation, will be re-gasified by the LNG plants using heat. Whether by chance or calculation, many chemical plants and refineries are located in areas that have high concentrations of poor people.

The mostly black community was poor and under-educated, but it became the center of a fire-storm of marches, public hearings and media attention. Environmentalists say so much toxic material is unhealthy, and point to emissions of large quantities of known carcinogens, such as vinyl chloride.

Governmental enticements are used to attract chemical companies to Louisiana.

They also refine huge quantities of crude oil into gasoline and other fuels. Eventually, a comprehensive air sampling program was begun under the U. Proponents of the tax deferment program and other financial incentives [which can include rebates for local and state sales taxes paid during construction, infrastructure improvements and state-subsidized worker training] contend such perks are needed to attract new businesses, or to help retain existing ones in the state.

Economic Development

But industry supporters assert that Louisiana spends more per capita on pollution control than any other state. URLs to check out: Over the years, the DEQ has been the target of much criticism from environmental groups for a lack of aggressive enforcement of federal and state anti-pollution laws.

When the Shintech Company announced in that it planned to build a giant PVC plant in tiny Convent, Louisiana, opposition mounted quickly.

Virtually everything we touch on a daily basis has some components made from industrial chemical processes.

These capital intensive facilities were heavily recruited by state and local governments as a means to stimulate economic development.

InLouisiana plants released more than million pounds of hazardous substances into our air, ground and water. Local environmental groups, including the Mossville Environmental Action Network [MEAN], claim they met with resistance from federal and state regulators when they initially reported problems in their community.

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The regions that were created for analysis, critics claim, group small slices of industrial areas with large rural areas, potentially skewing the data. Other industries, such as coal-fired energy plants, emit toxins such as mercury. Petrochemical companies pay millions of dollars in taxes to state and parish governments each year.

Some observers criticize tax incentives that seem to favor capital intensive industries — such as chemical plants and oil refineries —which employ relatively few workers and have the highest ratio of pollution per job in the nation [ pounds per job — three times higher than Texas, which is the largest producer of chemicals in the US].

Sources for the offending chemicals include cars, trucks, barges, trains and industrial plants. Usually, no thought was given to re-forestation. Environmental Protection Agency U. They broke ground in on a smaller facility upriver in West Baton Rouge Parish.

All living organisms in the water column are destroyed during the process, and the water is expelled at a much colder temperature than the surrounding water. Although natural subsidence and the impoundment of alluvial water from the Mississippi River both play a part, much of the land loss in south Louisiana can be traced to the legacy of petroleum industry construction and excavation activities.

The consequences of un-checked development will be with us for a long time, but no society can prosper without sustainable economic growth.How a Holistic Health Development in Baton Rouge May Change Urban Planning Development in Baton Rouge May Change Urban to improve the health of.

All construction and occupancy permits issued in East Baton Rouge Parish. More Less Tags building permits permits construction. API Docs Updated September 4 Views 17, EBR Building Permits by Type open data br (1) open neighborhood br (2) ownership (2) parish (1.

Baton Rouge Green (Baton Rouge, LA): urban forests and green space and sustainable neighborhoods. The groups all have demonstrated commitments to working with residents, A full-time community organizer works daily in the field with neighborhood residents, community leaders, governmental officials, and other non-profits to.

TramLinkBR is the proposed modern streetcar system linking downtown Baton Rouge with the LSU Campus and serving the neighborhoods and businesses between them.

The modern streetcar will provide a new mode of urban mobility, facilitate economic development and strengthen the connectivity between the city’s social, cultural and economic assets. BRAC works with business leaders and parish partners throughout the region to improve economic development, grow jobs, and to improve competitiveness.

Community Resources. Education. Health Care. Housing. As the lead economic development organization for the nine-parish Baton Rouge Area, BRAC works with business leaders and parish. 05/05 - Environmental Issues. Is what we gain worth the peril of ecological disaster?

creating major changes in the hydrology and salinity of vast areas along the coast. (Recorded Tuesday, August 14 in the Magnolia Performing Arts Pavilion at Baton Rouge Community College.) Our panelists are: Linda-Marie Barrett, Southern Independent.

Baton rouge green works to improve the community by creating urban forests
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