Application of euphemism reflection of cultures

The outcome of so many euphemisms reflects the different stated of social psychology. Consequently, politicians will rack their brains to find alternative expressions.

Actually, all these are defensive expressions to hide their illegal attack to others. But as for the origins of euphemisms, we could not neglect the euphemisms in political life. Obviously, such trivialized expression is to smooth out the bad influences they have exerted.

Actually, political language is neither romantic as literature nor precise as that in foreign trade, but purpose-oriented Tian, Features of Political Euphemism Euphemism is defined in different ways from the perspectives of pragmatics and style: Usually crude or inauspicious words can become acceptable by using these devices.

Language Reflection of Social Culture. This is clearly a delicate subject, as they are conspiring to murder the king. It is almost the same on air plane. In this excerpt from his tragedy Macbeth, Lady Macbeth is counseling her husband, Macbeth, to kill Duncan that very evening.

It is stated by critical linguists that language is not a true reflection of reality. Understatement conceals the severity of things by acknowledging part of the truth. There are too many to examples to prove this phenomenon. This quote is spoken by Atticus Finch, a man who is particularly ahead of his times in his belief in the equality of all people.

Political euphemism is created in political life and serves political purposes. We must always consider the great responsibility that is tied to its use.

Many of us do not stop to consider the power we wield through the daily use of our tongues and pens. Thus, it is historically accurate that he would use such a euphemism.

Light reading means that when you meet something you are too shy to mention, usually you may say it in a low voice.

Euphemisms are especially common in reference to bodily functions and illegal behavior, and to substitute for curse words. In a political context, stripping language of its imagery has long been used as a tool for seizing and maintaining control of the masses.

As a result, the former vagueness and sense of distance disappear and euphemistic color fades away. Shandong Foreign Language Teaching Journal. Usually tabooed subjects are not spoken of openly.What are some examples of Euphemism in different cultures? Update Cancel.

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1 Answer. Quora User. What are some examples of southern euphemisms? What are some examples of cultural practices?


What are some examples of cultural leveling? An example of a cultural trait? The Cultural Connotation of Euphemisms After having a basic understanding of the concept of euphemism as well as its formative devices, it is no wonder for us to find that euphemism is deeply rooted in our daily life and daily language.

A euphemism is a substitution of an agreeable or less offensive expression in place of one that may offend or suggest something unpleasant to the receiver, or to make it less troublesome for the speaker, as in the case of doublespeak.

The Power of Communication: A Reflection on Euphemism

The deployment of euphemisms is a central aspect within the public application of political correctness. Definition of Euphemism. A euphemism is a polite or mild word or expression used to refer to something embarrassing, taboo, or unpleasant.

Euphemisms are especially common in reference to bodily functions and illegal behavior, and to substitute for curse words.

Euphemism is commonly understood as “the substitution of a mild, indirect, or vague expression for one thought to be offensive, harsh, or blunt.” When done well, it typically involves a delicate intertwining of metaphor, understatement and abstract phraseology.

popular culture: a reflection of high culture. (By Leyla Oliveros Concha) Most of the time, those who are involved in academic contexts, try to figure out or establish which elements “deserve” being members of this essential part of the society called culture.

Application of euphemism reflection of cultures
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