An overview of social economic change after world war one

Strategically, its maritime power meant that it could not permit a mighty and hostile European power to dominate the Low Countries and so threaten the English Channel.

And as prime minister from Decemberhe committed Britain to a war on both the domestic and fighting fronts. However inflation was high and, in an attempt to reduce operating costs, businesses laid off workers and reduced wages.

Certainly a sense of disillusionment and cynicism became pronounced. The May Fourth Movement is often cited as the birth of Chinese nationalismand both the Kuomintang and Chinese Communist Party consider the Movement to be an important period in their own histories. The Great Steel strike of was a national strike lasting from September 21, — January 8, involvingsteelworkers.

The number of cars on the road almost tripled between andstimulating the production of steel, rubber, plate glass, and other materials that went into making an automobile.

Inthe Lords vetoed the budget, a package of tax proposals which Chancellor of the Exchequer David Lloyd George had adroitly presented as designed to finance welfare reforms, when in reality they were driven as much by the requirements of defence.

Inflation more than doubled between and its peak inwhile the value of the Pound Sterling consumer expenditure [17] fell by The Liberals were returned to power at the end ofwinning elections in and twiceeven if with dwindling majorities.

Also extremely important in the War was the participation of French colonial troopsincluding the Senegalese tirailleursand troops from IndochinaNorth Africa, and Madagascar. Communist and socialist movements around the world drew strength from this theory, enjoying a level of popularity they had never known before.

Although antisemitism had been widespread during Habsburg rule, Jews faced no official discrimination because they were, for the most part, ardent supporters of the multi-national state and the monarchy. Incipient domestic breakdown was usurped by international crisis. Furthermore, under the state of war declared during the hostilities, the French economy had been somewhat centralized in order to be able to shift into a " war economy ", leading to a first breach with classical liberalism.

Defense plants were integrated during the war, and the military was integrated in The Civil Rights movement was reinvigorated both during and after the war.

Overview: Britain and World War One, 1901 - 1918

Weihai followed in Neither the Quota Act nor the National Origins Act limited immigration from countries in the Western Hemisphere, and nearlyMexicans entered the United States between and Impact and Effects of WW1 on America for kids: The implication was that Britain would wage war as a sea power, which was exactly how Grey made his case to the House of Commons on 3 August Politically, the United States became a superpower embroiled in the Cold War with the Soviet Union and other communist states, and the United States practiced a policy of containing the spread of communism in Europe, Asia, and elsewhere.

Since the world was still reeling from the effects of WWI when Germany fell, everything else fell apart.

Aftermath of World War I

Ford also created new management techniques that became known as welfare capitalism. At home, McCarthyism, named after the anti-communist crusader, Senator Joseph McCarthy, involved crushing communism or anything that seemed to resemble estrangement from the American form of government.

The Treaty of Versailles led to a system where the US was cashing in its wartime loans to the UK, which in turn was using the wartime reparations it received from Germany to pay off the US.

Although increasing affluence meant that the boundaries of this suffrage were porous, in Britain had the most restrictive franchise of any power in Europe, with the exception of Hungary.

The black population of Chicago grew from less than 50, in to almost aby It was in this climate that the First Red Scare — hit the nation. A sequence of international agreements created regional balances and so mitigated the consequences of global responsibility.

The Seattle General Strike of February 6, to February 11, was a five-day strike by more than 65, workers that paralyzed the city of Seattle, Washington.

And the formation of a coalition government in the same year all but silenced parliamentary opposition. The Great Depression effected both classes and became the biggest financial crisis the nation had ever known.

Poison gas and the aerial bombing of civilians were new developments of the First World War. The police strikers were called "Agents of Lenin". The ensuing crisis, which spanned two general elections, culminated with the Lords losing their power of veto and becoming a revising chamber only.

For its liberal opponents, compulsion threatened Britain with self-defeat, forcing it to militarise society and so become too like its principal enemy, Germany.

A New Society: Economic & Social Change

Agents conducted raids on the headquarters of various radical organizations and the homes of immigrants and foreign residents. For the next few years, much of Europe mourned privately and publicly; memorials were erected in thousands of villages and towns.

These feelings were most pronounced in areas directly or particularly harshly affected by the war, such as central Europe, Russia and France.

The interwar years were hard for religious minorities in the new states built around ethnic nationalism.Mar 03,  · Overview: Britain and World War One, - The Great War brought decades of simmering social reform to the boil.

How did the bloodiest conflict in Britain's history finally give its. Summary: The effects of WW1 on America were wide-ranging covering the political, economic and social impact the Great War had on the United States. Unlike the countries of Europe, the factories and home of the US had not been destroyed.

Manufacturing, production and efficiency had increased through. What are the political, economic and social impact of World War 2? What were the social, political, and technological impacts of World War 2? What was the impact of World War 1 on Germany politics and society?

Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site What was the economic impact of WW1 on USA's economy? Browse other questions tagged world-war-one economy or ask your own question. asked. 6 years, 8 months ago. viewed.times. A New Society: Economic & Social Change. “Going to the movies” became a social occasion and one of the main activities for young people and turned into an even greater phenomenon with the release of The Jazz Singer inthe first “talking” motion picture.

As the plots and themes of movies grew more suggestive and after Hollywood.

The aftermath of World War I saw drastic political, cultural, economic, and social change across Eurasia (Europe and Asia), Africa, and even in areas outside those that were directly involved.

Four empires collapsed due to the war, old countries were abolished, new ones were formed, boundaries were redrawn, international.

An overview of social economic change after world war one
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