An analysis of looking at women by scott russell sanders essay

This trend is apparent even in his early child hood. He continues this trend thru early adulthood. He present male gaze as something that you should be feel guilty of. I also believe due to the fact that he is shy and particularly introverted person his argument is morally problematic.

She taught him to think of the feelings of others and to consider their emotional well being as well. As a result of that his opinions were also conservative.

This is evident due to his heavy quoting of feminist writers. Another person to have an effect on view of how women should be looked upon is his college roommate. He considers this half to be the evil half to be controlled and withheld from society. To sum up, Sanders tries very hard to keep a balance between his ancient instincts of reproduction and his ethic code and because of that a conflict is created.

H Lawrence states that we as men and men have sexual urges since their beginning of humanity it something completely normal, it is our ancient instincts of reproduction. Finally, Sanders begins on a lengthy exposition on the nature of becoming the Other as one gives in to temptation and in doing so forgoes their liberty.

Another group that affected him was his neighbors who owned a store called bare essentials. Sanders explains how it is our intelligence, that complicated the issue in the first place, that will eventually allow us to truly appreciate the nature of our desire for all it is.

On the other hand, some people believe that the male gaze has positives elements if occurs within limits because women feel that are attracted and that boost their self-confidence. Sanders continuous by telling us the story of his roommate that had Playboy pictures on the wall.

Sanders start the article with an illustration.

Looking At Women by Scott Russell Sanders - Essay Example

That feeling was derived from the initial sexual experience. Sanders contrasts human sexuality with that of goats, stating how the business of sex would be vastly simplified if sex was dictated by the seasons or hormones. This is an almost universal experience as all people at some time or another will become aware of their own desire and try to come to terms with what it really means.

An Analysis of

Feminist writers have also had a large amount of influence on Sanders.Scott Russell Sanders in his essay "looking at Women" has his views shaped by the people he is surrounded by.

This trend is apparent even in his early child. In ‘Looking at women’, which is an essay written by Scott Russell Sanders, the author has described how men usually look at women and how they perceive them.

The essay speaks about the mentality of men and describes their way of looking towards women. Scott Russell Sanders in his article “Looking at Women” analyzes this phenomenon and indicates why this happens, also makes clear that he doesn’t agree with it.

Feb 20,  · "Looking at Women" by Scott Russell Sanders Response and Analysis The question has two parts; do women enjoy being looked at by men and how should men look at women. Sanders attempts to answer this question appealing to his audience (who I’d assume is all men) as both a man as well an introspective, humbly raised human being.

Analysis of: Looking at Women - Scott Russel Sanders Scott Russell Sanders in his essay “Looking at Women”, poses several intriguing questions about the relationship between men women and sexual desire in society. Literary Analysis, Scott Russell - Looking at a Woman My Account In his essay “Looking at Women,” Scott Russell Sanders analyzes how men often perceive women as objects because of their indecent wardrobe and their willingness to put their bodies on display.

In her essay “Why Women Smile,” Amy Cunningham explains the value of a smile.

An analysis of looking at women by scott russell sanders essay
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