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Harvard University Press, p. Each individual child has a different life story and upbringing, as well as individual reasons to either try to stay away from armed forces and groups or to join them — if they have not African child soldier essay been forced to join the ranks.

In addition to this, the majority of child soldiers have transformed their situation in the war into a kind of game, because they are unable to fully comprehend or accept the real consequences that war can inflict.

There have been many wars and fights that have taken place in time in which child soldiers have taken a part in. Achvarina, Vera and Reich, Simon op. In it was estimated that more thanchildren, under the age of 18, were used as soldiers to fight conflicts in Africa.

In addition to the idea that successful reintegration can serve as a recruitment prevention strategy itself, other strategies should also be employed. These children are denied their basic rights of being a carefree child and enjoying their childhood by attending school, playing with friends and living in a secure environment.

If the recruitment and re-recruitment of children as soldiers is to be prevented, then the economic, social and individual environment of potential recruits must be taken into account. Human Rights, 32 1p. Policy Sciences, 30, p. Gates, Scott and Reich, Simon op.

In addition to, children not having outside responsibilities, which inhibit them from becoming child soldiers. It is important to realise that numerous reasons are valid, and that it is tempting but misleading to make sweeping generalisations.

The presence of non-civilian militants among refugees can lead to refugee militarisation, and subsequently to the recruitment of child soldiers. The introduction must not be a lengthy one, it must be pertaining to the facts and should be eye catching interesting.

The African Child Soilder

At such a tender age, it is easy for military commanders to manipulate and train these children into their ideal soldier. Therefore, children were usually forced into such dangers as the frontlines of open conflict or either sent ahead of other troops to ensure that possible minefields were safe, whilst in rare cases children have also been used in suicide missions.

The Case of Colombia. Under the influence of drugs, these children can be easily changed into heartless killers, with no notion of the acts that they commit when carrying out orders. However, it is crucial not to omit so-called accessibility factors, which describe to which extent children are easily accessible for recruiters.

Here, international law assumes that since people are internally displaced, their national governments will take care of them.

The Reasons for Recruitment The benefits of recruiting child soldiers seem to be concealed when first approaching the topic. Oxford University Press, p. Lischer recognises two main patterns by which children are recruited in refugee and IDP camps: Child soldiers are able to take part in combat, due to the widespread and global proliferation of small arms — mainly AK assault rifles, the so-called Kalashnikovs.

Understanding the Recruitment of Child Soldiers in Africa

In a way, by making the war into a game it is a coping mechanism for these children. These children are fighting wars that they had no responsibility in creating. It is very important in this case to get the facts about the topic African child soldier essay and make sure pro writers did the job for rate my paper request before sending paper for final revision to your professor.

There are other strategies that must be combined to have an effect on the recruiters of child soldiers.

Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers, p. If they are not taught, young children are unable to correctly distinguish between right and wrong, in addition to this, children will carry out orders without questions because they are not aware of the consequences of their actions.

What if the alternative is worse than becoming a child soldier? Conclusion Now the question is whether we will commit ourselves to the protection of our most precious heritage, our children. Inriots in a camp for internally displaced persons in Darfur, Sudan, forced the evacuation of aid workers and journalists from the camp.

Having mentioned these points in your research paper writing mention the different laws that have been imposed in order to curb the use of child soldiers in wars and battles.

Future recruitment can be prevented if international agencies know the underlying causes for employing child soldiers. Pull factors include — paradoxically — seeking security in fighting forces, provision of food, a sense of belonging and ideology or group identity, as well as economic reasons such as gaining profit.

The United Nations keep trying their best to impose the resolutions of children armed in conflict in order to stop the use of children in war. The fact is that these children have no other choice when it comes to committing these acts of violence.

Children and Human Security. Well the first paragraph should be pertaining to the beginning of using children in wars. Becker, Jo Child Soldiers:Essay on Child Soldiers in Africa - Child soldier is a worldwide issue, but it became most critical in the Africa.

Child soldiers are any children under the age of 18 who are recruited by some rebel groups and used as fighters, cooks, messengers, human shields and suicide bombers, some of them even under the aged 10 when they are forced to serve.

Essay title: The African Child Soilder The African Child Soldiers “The child soldier is described as a вЂ?pint-sized, tireless baby Rambo who spends his or hers tender years roaming the battlefields of Africa’s civil wars.”. Child Soldiers Essay Words | 9 Pages Child Soldiers “Compelled to become instruments of war, to kill and be killed, child soldiers are forced to give violent expression to the hatreds of adults” (“Child Soldiers” 1).

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Only at". Related Documents: Essay about Child Soldiers In Africa Essay about Child Soldiers Scott Michaels 3/14/12 “The most precise definition of a child soldier was produced at a conference of scholars and representatives of various child-protection agencies, organized in by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

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Child soldiers are any children under the age of 18 who are recruited by some rebel groups and used as fighters, cooks, messengers, human .

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