A paper on existence of god and devil

It is possible, at least in the case of the Judean and Christian model, for a created being to know with certainty that God exists and choose to go against Him anyway. Whatever we conceive as existent, we can also conceive as non-existent.

I assume he does this to please Dr.

Ontological argument

In my class, we could write on either affirmative action or the existence of God. Theists use the false dichotomy of pitting creationism against evolution even though evolution is not meant to describe the origins of life.

If a maximally great being exists in the actual world, then a maximally great being exists. If an Abrahamic God does exist, it creates more pathways to an eternal hell than it closes.

The extreme no devil corollary advances on this, proposing that a worse being would be that which does not exist in the understanding, so such a being exists neither in reality nor in the understanding.

When Keanu arrives he is surrounded by all the materialistic things he could desire in addition to the power and acknowledgment he so strongly desires. But, if the mere fact that I can produce from my thought the idea of something entails that everything that I clearly and distinctly perceive to belong to that thing really does belong to it, is not this a possible basis for another argument to prove the existence of God?

Source Critical Thinking A critical thinking class should be a requirement for all college students, regardless of age. Therefore, a maximally great being exists. He argued that, if Malcolm does prove the necessary existence of the greatest possible being, it follows that there is a being which exists in all worlds whose greatness in some worlds is not surpassed.

And my understanding that it belongs to his nature that he always exists is no less clear and distinct than is the case when I prove of any shape or number that some property belongs to its nature.

Prover9 subsequently discovered a simpler, formally valid if not necessarily sound ontological argument from a single non-logical premise. As long as a choice is present, free will still exists.

He suggested that only a being with necessary existence can fulfill the remit of "that than which nothing greater can be conceived". Transcendent theosophy Mulla Sadra c.

How to Write a Devil's Advocate Paper for a Critical Thinking Class

On the other hand, in the film, Al Pacino the devil presents himself as a friendly successful lawyer who can offer Keanu Reeves everything he ever wanted such as, money, power, and most importantly a successful carrer. Nothing is more perfect than Him.

Thus, if the notion of God did not include existence, it would not be supremely perfect, as it would be lacking a perfection. He seems to have assumed that existence is a predicate of a perfection. It is therefore essential to make sure that it is well written, argued and reasonable, regardless of whether or not your argument agrees with your premise, justifications or closing remarks.

Reasons for Your Position We were asked to provide two or three reasons behind our position. A being that exists as an idea in the mind and in reality is, other things being equal, greater than a being that exists only as an idea in the mind.

This is all once again there to tempt him towards evil and persuade him to sell his soul. It was not intended to be serious; rather, its purpose was to illustrate the problems Gasking saw in the ontological argument.

He considers examples of necessary propositions, such as "a triangle has three angles", and rejects the transfer of this logic to the existence of God. Therefore, God necessarily exists in reality.

In other arguments, the truth is attained from an external source, such as from the possible to the necessary, from the originated to the eternal origin, or from motion to the unmoved mover. When Mephistophilis first comes to Dr. There is no being, therefore, whose non-existence implies a contradiction.

Essay/Term paper: A comparitive study of the work of the devil

Knowing the outcome of his acceptance of the devil, Dr. The Thesis example The existence or non-existence of God is a question that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time. That does not mean that every option has to be available in order to maintain a sense of choice.

The devil corollary proposes that a being than which nothing worse can be conceived exists in the understanding sometimes the term lesser is used in place of worse. The devil immediatly does so.Jul 01,  · This paper will attempt to review the philosophical quandary of the existence of evil and if evil exists can God exist and if so can this God still be declared perfect?

The epistemological issue that arises is One’s knowledge of God and the validity of God’s existence. The Simplest, Most Direct Argument for God’s Existence by Brandon Vogt March 16, William Lane Craig is one of the sharpest Christian apologists today, especially on issues surrounding God’s existence, Jesus’ Resurrection, and objective morality.

Aug 04,  · While a Devil's Advocate position paper can be about any issue, most critical thinking classes narrow the scope down to one or two options.

In my class, we could write on either affirmative action or the existence of mi-centre.coms: 3. The Devil’s Advocate Peter Millican University of Leeds Introduction: three theistic arguments I shall claim that the theistic arguments typically take for granted that in order to establish the existence of God they have only to establish the existence of a Supreme Being.

They thus presuppose that for the office. In conclusion, the existence of a God who is omnipotent, omniscient, all-good and ontologically separate cannot exist as the world of today is engulfed by an irrational amount of evil. Although many try to justify this evil through the Freewill and Teleological defence, both arguments are heavily flawed and only raise more doubt to this.

The argument attempts to prove the existence of God through the reality of existence, and to conclude with God's pre-eternal necessity. In this argument, a thing is demonstrated through itself, and a path is identical with the goal.

A paper on existence of god and devil
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