A comparison of the poem london by blake and london 1802 by wordsworth

His voice was as powerful and influential as the sea itself, and though he possessed a kind of moral perfection, he never ceased to act humbly.

Commentary The speaker of this poem, which takes the form of a dramatic outburst, literally cries out to the soul of John Milton in anger and frustration. His poem uses this feeling of darkness to its full effect and has his readers pitying the morose London atmosphere.

The feeling he depicts is one of depression. His sophisticated grasp of the English language portrays an image of a land rotting away, which is meant to be the intellect, courage, and purity of the people.

He perceived this London as a pure uncorrupted land. Their differences in writing styles only further the image of London in its dejected state and the loss of corruption brought on by the inevitable force of modernization. Throughout his poem, Wordsworth compliments Milton to praise the pre-Revolutionary London.

The poem is much darker and it is apparent when compared to the more free-spirited poem of William Wordsworth. Its citizens were living in better conditions, there were no factories to bring pollution, and there was no ambience noise from the nonstop machinery.

His soul was as bright as a star, and stood apart from the crowd: The despair grows apparent when he talks of the loss of innocence in London.

Comparison and contrast between Blake and Wordsworth’s views Essay Sample

He describes the toll of the slum like on humanity, which is neither happy nor gives any hope for the future. This created a cesspool of poor, urban class people who were miserable with their working conditions.

His portrayal of this dejected population only furthers the view that London is a wasteland, and her people were its refuse. London, it appeared, had lost all its values, morals, and emotion to the coldness of factory life and the selfishness of greed. But, their writings went about different ways of showing their feelings of dissent towards the mechanical lifestyle of London.

These sacrifices and mistakes led to an end of innocence for the grand city. People of London were miserable during this time. The reader can see the cheerful innocence of the old London and picture its contrast with the industrial ravaged modern London.

These virtues are precisely what Wordsworth saw as lacking in the English men and women of his day. Although their ideas are similar, their means of conveying their ideas are not.London vs.

London Common Ground London by William Blake London, by WIlliam Wordsworth This poem portrays London during a time of war and pain using imagery such as the tears of a baby, the cry of the common man, and the running of blood down palace walls. A summary of “London, ” in William Wordsworth's Wordsworth’s Poetry.

Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Wordsworth’s Poetry and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. This poem is one of the many excellent sonnets Wordsworth wrote in the.

Compare and Contrast the ways in which Blake and Wordsworth essaysThe two poets William Blake and William Wordsworth poets who lived roughly in the same time period give or take 10 years or so, but it is ironic how different their perception and portrayal of London is, Blake's poem is his view.

Also, Wordsworth's use of a more visual representation of the London lifestyle contrasts with Blake's more auditory descriptions. Both of these authors had different styles, but one thing was certain in their writings, London was a despicable place. Differences between: London by Blake and London () by Wordsorth: London by William Blake I wandered through each chartered street, Near where the chartered Thames does flow, A mark in every face I meet, London () by William Wordsworth Milton!

thou should'st be living at this hour. Wordsworth's poem deals with the artistic state of the city, while Blake's deals with the harsh realities of the common man/woman of the time. Blake's assessment is certainly more bleak and hopeless than that of Wordsworth.

A comparison of the poem london by blake and london 1802 by wordsworth
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